5 Advantages of Car PPF Wrap

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. It’s important to keep it looking and performing its very best. Even if you’re vigilant about keeping up with regular maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups, you may be missing an important part of your vehicle’s upkeep: paint protection.

There’s quite a lot that can damage your vehicle’s exterior, from environmental factors to accidents. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to protect it from whatever the road might have in store: paint protection film, or PPF. A strong glossy shield, PPF creates a nearly invisible layer of protection that prevents chips, dents, and dings. Turbo Tint of Cary provides reliable PPF wrap services to motorists throughout the Triangle, including Cary, Apex, Garner, and Raleigh. Read on to learn a few of our favorite reasons to choose PPF.

Protects Against Paint Fading

Over time, sunlight exposure slowly causes your vehicle’s paint to fade and lose its shine. If your vehicle receives uneven exposure to sunlight, you might notice that the paint has become splotchy, with different shades on different parts of the vehicle. Beyond that, dirt, oil, salt, and bird droppings can all have a deteriorating effect on your vehicle’s paint. PPF includes a unique chemical property that blocks harmful UV rays and repels other harmful environmental factors, making faded paint a thing of the past.

Easy To Clean

Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint, but keeping your car as shiny and beautiful as it was the day you drove it off the lot can take a lot of work. If you find washing your car to be a little too time-consuming, PPF makes it easier to clean. PPF creates a shield around your vehicle that repels water (including acid rain), dust, tree sap, and road debris, which cuts down on both the amount of time you spend cleaning your car and the harsh chemicals you’d need to keep it gleaming. In most cases, all it needs is to be wiped down.

Helps Maintain Resale Value

You might not be thinking too much about reselling your car now, but if you ever plan to put it back on the market, you want to make sure you receive top dollar. While quality and mileage have a lot to do with your vehicle’s resale value, it’s important not to overlook the paint. If your vehicle’s paint is in good shape, that makes a great first impression for a potential buyer! By protecting your vehicle from dents, dings, and environmental damage, PPF makes your car more attractive on the resale market.

Saves Money

Any high quality product or service will save you money in the long run, and PPF is no different. Without PPF, you’ll need to redo or repair your vehicle’s paint job whenever your vehicle is dented, dinged, or chipped. The long-term protection that PPF provides does more than keep the paint job brilliant and even – it protects against everyday damage. Over time, the upfront investment will pay for itself.

Provides Discreet Protection

You may have noticed other vehicles on the road with paint with a cracked, peeling, or yellowed appearance. A lot of the time, this comes from poorly applied paint protection. When you use lesser materials, your PPF is more susceptible to weather, sun exposure, and road debris. High quality PPF that has been installed by an expert not only stands up to whatever the road might throw at it; it’s also practically undetectable. The only thing you and your fellow motorists will see is clean, sparkling paint.

Why North Carolina Vehicle Owners Trust Turbo Tint of Cary

Turbo Tint of Cary is proud to be the Triangle’s preferred PPF wrap installer. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will be happy to help you to determine the right level of protection for your vehicle. With multiple packages to choose from, we offer protection for every kind of vehicle – and every kind of driver. We’ll install your paint protection film and get you back on the road!

For the best PPF services throughout Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Garner, Morrisville, and Holly Springs, choose Turbo Tint of Cary. Browse our range of paint protection film or call our friendly local team to learn more!